Red Dragonflies’ Winter Meeting, 2017

The Red Dragonflies warmly welcomed their newest member, Willem Tibben on Saturday and immediately set him to work to write the meeting report below:

The Red Dragonflies gathered at the welcoming home of Barbara Fisher for their winter meeting. Present were: Dawn Bruce, Cynthia Rowe, Vanessa Proctor, Willem Tibben, and our host.

Vanessa had set the homework around four themes: absence, parenting, going barefoot and chocolate. She had also asked everyone to bring two haiku each for the ‘bowl’. After a round of copy distribution and dexterous folding (‘macramé haiku’ someone ventured) we were away…

The quality of the haiku presented was generally high, discussion freewheeling, and suggestions to each author constructive. ‘Chocolate’ presented as the most difficult theme, but the haiku responses were inventive.

The haiku bowl revealed lots of hits (some misses) and a couple of surprise authorships…

Barbara served tea and a fine cake, which we enjoyed, garnished with haiku gossip.

Then homeward, replenished and inspired.

Willem Tibben



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