Submission Invitation for Windfall # 6

Windfall: Australian Haiku is a small annual print publication which seeks to publish fine examples of contemporary Australian haiku. Submissions are welcome throughout July each year.

An anthology of Australian haiku, Windfall is edited by Beverley George and published annually by Peter Macrow’s Blue Giraffe Press. Please send up to six haiku on themes relevant to Australia to Beverley George at with the word “Windfall” in the subject line or by mail to PO Box 37 Pearl Beach 2256. Please also include a statement to the effect that your haiku are original, unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere. For full details

Editor: Beverley George.
Founder and Manager: Peter Macrow.
Published by Blue Giraffe Press. ISSN 1839-5449. Hobart, Blue Giraffe Press issue 1, 2012

Issues 1-3 were designed and printed for Blue Giraffe Press by Picaro Press.

Issue 4 –   designed by Matthew George Design Pty Ltd and printed by Kwik Kopy Gosford

Guidelines for submissions:

  1. Please head all submissions with your name, postal address and the date of submission, together with a statement that your submitted haiku are, “original, unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere”.
  2. In order to extend the publishing opportunities for haiku poets in this country, and as Windfall will showcase only 63 selected haiku per issue, contribution is restricted to Australian poets, resident in Australia.
  3. Submission period is June 30th – July 31st each year.
  4. You may submit up to six of your best haiku per issue but a maximum of 2 poems by an individual poet will be selected for any given issue.
  5. Acceptances will be advised by August 31st after which date you are free to send any unaccepted poems elsewhere.
  6. We are seeking haiku which are relevant to the experience of urban and rural life in Australia. Observations that celebrate landform, seasons, and our unique flora and fauna, are welcomed.
  7. Please submit your unpublished haiku to Beverley George PO Box 37 Pearl Beach 2256 with an SSAE for response, or email to with ‘Windfall’ and your surname in the subject line.

Important: The advent of NBN could cause email address changes for some.

Please check that you receive

  • an acknowledgment in July of receipt of your entry
  • a notification in August of acceptance or non-acceptance

Windfall Subscriptions:

Subscriptions Manager is Peter Macrow
$15 for two issues, one per year for two years, including postage within Australia.
Stamps or cash are also welcome. Cheques or money orders must be made out to Peter Macrow. Please note it is no longer possible for the publisher to provide free contributor copies. Please support this print journal with a subscription.
Overseas subscriptions are $25 in Australian currency only.

Copies to non-subscribers or non-contributors are $10 for the first copy and $5 each for further copy. Overseas $15.

Contact details:

Peter Macrow
Manager, Blue Giraffe Press
6/16 Osborne Street
Sandy Bay TAS 7005

For a glimpse of last year’s issue of Windfall visit Gregory Piko’s website here.

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