Mari Warabiny Autumn Ginko

by Maureen Sexton

On Saturday 10th March a group of haiku writers gathered at the First Edition Café for a ginko in the lush, urban Perth Cultural Centre. We were surrounded by the State Library of WA, the Art Gallery of WA, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, the Big Screen, the Urban Orchard, the Native Wetlands, the Interactive Play Space and the WA Museum, currently being refurbished. It was a hot day of 31 degrees, but already leaves were falling and scattering, in typical autumn fashion.

Over coffee and muffins, we shared some of our favourite haiku, and why those particular haiku resonated with us. Then we parted to go on our individual walks to write haiku.

After we re-grouped, we shared the haiku we’d written, and some workshopping followed. This led to an interesting and fairly lively discussion on different schools of thought on various aspects of haiku writing, in particular the use of ‘ing’ words and articles in haiku.

We also looked at some haiku from Jim Kacian’s book after image.

We’re all looking forward to our next ginko, which has been pencilled in for Saturday 9th June.

Mari Warabiny ginko
left to right: Rose van Son, Meryl Manoy, Maureen Sexton, Barry Sanbrook and Terry Sanbrook

museum upgrade
hard hats protect the past
and present

Terry Sanbrook

autumn wind
a flurry of leaves
as children scurry

Meryl Manoy

picture books
gem stones under
lock and key

Rose van Son

empty seats
by a shadow

Barry Sanbrook

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