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Sunday April 22, 2018

Although our Blackburn Homestead retreat was cancelled for last weekend, 20th – 22nd April, due to the lack of rain, seven Limestone Tanka Poets (Carmel Summers, Gerry Jacobson, Glenys Ferguson, Liz Lanigan, Michelle Brock, Michael Thorley, and myself) met regardless. We are thankful to Michelle Brock for hosting this meeting at her home at the last minute and for the kilometers Glenys (from Yass) and Michael (from Tamworth) travelled to attend this meeting.

Our Blackburn Home retreat (Yass) will go ahead the weekend 22nd – 24th June. The program is close to finished, a free-verse poet has been suggested as our guest (something we like to do in order to spread the word about tanka) and Limestone Tanka Poet’s will be notified with final arrangements closer to the time.

An article on the Poetry Labyrinth that was such a success on March 25th at Canberra’s arboretum has been accepted for publication in Ribbons 2018: Volume 15, Number 2. If enough LTP’s are interested in a Labyrinth tanka walk, one will be arranged at Gathering Place, Dickson. Please let me know if you are interested.

The Canadian poet, Terry Anne Carter, who will be visiting Canberra in September, has been invited to attend our month meeting for that month.

At our 2018 March monthly LTP meeting, a new segment, one that enables us to celebrate excellence by members, has been introduced. For the time-being, the working title for this segment is: The Limestone Tanka Poets Accolade Award. Barbara Curnow’s tanka prose, Number One (published in Ribbons Winter 2018: Volume 14, Number 1) was chosen for this award yesterday at our April meeting.

The idea behind the segment is to acknowledge a LTP member every month and to present the poet with written responses on what this work means to us, as well as what inspires and how this encourages a more creative approach to our own work. There is much to learn from what poets, who excel, pen and a pleasure to acknowledge them.

Saeko Ogi was also mentioned for the acknowledgement of her tanka in a review of A Temple Bells Sounds in Gusts, and Carole Harrison for hers in Ribbons, Members Choice Tanka.

Kathy Kituai
Founder and Facilitator for Limestone Tanka Poets

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