Name Change for Mari Warabiny

Mari Warabiny Haiku Group has changed its name! We are now called Paperbark Haiku.

The linking of ‘paper’ and ‘bark’ is a connection to nature, and its fragility juxtaposes well with the longevity of the written word. Or as Tash Adams said “paper bark … for me has a 2nd meaning, like a barking piece of paper… or something on the paper that speaks” The peeling away of the bark can be likened to the peeling away of the layers of meaning within haiku.We have the following ways of connecting with us:
Via email, open public Facebook simply called Paperbark Haiku for sharing of  information, events, successes, discussions, etc and closed Facebook group, called Paperbark Haiku Chatline for sharing, workshopping, giving feedback on haiku and related forms, and short poetry. We organise a Ginko/Gathering in Western Australia four times a year.

Paperbark trees are common in the Australian landscape, growing mainly around swamps, rivers, estuaries, being very tolerant of water logged soils.

We have a team of administrators: Maureen Sexton, Rose Van Son, Samar Ghose, Tash Adams, Meryl Manoy and Barry Sanbrook.

Maureen Sexton

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