Red Dragonflies’ Summer Meeting, 2018

The summer meeting of the Red Dragonflies was held on Saturday, 1st December, at Beverley George’s home at Pearl Beach, that lovely part of the central coast, north of Sydney. Vanessa Proctor, convenor of the group (and setter of challenging haiku topics), kindly took members Dawn Bruce and Barbara Fisher in her car  –  it’s a longish drive to get there so we got off to a later start than usual at about 12 noon.

Unfortunately our other two members, Cynthia Rowe and Willem Tibben, were unable to come. It would be hard to think of a more delightful setting for our meeting than Beverley’s verandah, which projects into the garden and overlooks a lagoon and many trees. Vanessa’s haiku exercises ranged from writing on camping (a summer activity for some) to considering Christmas shopping.

This being our traditional Christmas gathering, we repaired to the Pearl Beach café for lunch, a glass of wine and the usual amusement of reading our supposedly anonymous haiku extracted from the haiku bowl.

As always, a most enjoyable meeting.


Barbara Fisher

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