Red Dragonflies’ Autumn Meeting, 2019

Our first meeting this year was hosted by Cynthia Rowe on Saturday 2nd March. Others present were Barbara Fisher, Dawn  Bruce, Vanessa Proctor and Willem Tibben.

Vanessa had forwarded the exercises beforehand so everyone came well armed with work.

The most testing exercise was  to write a haiku about writing poetry (a subject dear to all poets) and for another we had to choose a favorite haiku and then say why we liked it.

We stopped for lunch when all the exercises had been tabled and critiqued. After lunch we took part in the haiku bowl (two from each person), taking turns at reading them anonymously, critiquing  and guessing who the  author was.

With the meeting over, we said our goodbyes and parted into a glorious afternoon.  I made my way home reflecting on another great meeting.

Willem Tibben

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