Red Dragonflies’ Winter Meeting, 2019

The winter meeting of the Red Dragonflies was held on Saturday 1st June at Barbara Fisher’s home in Mosman. With a background of wonderful paintings on the walls, many of them created by our hostess, Vanessa Proctor led members Dawn Bruce, Bill Tibben, Cynthia Rowe and Barbara in a productive afternoon. Beverley George sent her apologies.

Vanessa had given the group a challenging set of exercises about activism and/or climate change, parents, suburban life and the ‘dead of night’, which produced some interesting and original haiku. After the haiku bowl, from which each member’s two additional anonymous haiku were drawn, we enjoyed delicious cream sponge and coffee while we continued discussing the themes which had been initiated by the poems. The meeting was, as always, convivial, and given that the thorny issue of climate change had been introduced, extremely informative. We even learned about different varieties of birds that, sadly, are being impacted by global warning. Thank you, Vanessa and thank you, Barbara!

Cynthia Rowe

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