Field of Stars – Book Launch

Field of Stars, a collection of haiku and senryu by Lyn Reeves, will be launched at Hobart Bookshop by Irene McGuire on Monday 9th September at 5.30 pm.
All are welcome to this free event.

Field of Stars cover

Field of Stars is published by Walleah Press and available from their online bookstore.

It can also be ordered from Hobart Bookshop and Fullers Bookshop.

From the very first haiku Field of Stars is a celebration of what the haiku master Masaoka Shiki described in the first principle of haiku as Shasei or “sketching from life.” Reeves has succeeded in finding diamonds with her finely observed and beautifully sketched moments. In a time of Global Warming and dire predictions, Reeves shows us that we can all remember what is at stake with her observations of nature and writing from the heart and a place of wonder. This is a collection to be kept close and cherished for the many celebrations of what it is to be a part of nature. I commend this to the reader and may you walk gently with Reeves in a Field of Stars.

            Ron C. Moss, former Secretary, Australian Haiku Society, and author of The Bone Carver and Bushfire Moon.

Enjoy this collection slowly, one haiku, one senryu, at a time. Bring that stillness of mind necessary to poetic appreciation. Each reading of field of stars has left me gently stirred and, at times, surprised, when ordinary or familiar scenes and situations are illuminated by the poet’s exceptionally perceptive eye so that we are treated to subtle details and fresh ways of interpreting. I am reminded that this heightened clarity of observation, this extended manner of seeing, only comes from being present; and for this I am grateful.

Simon Hanson, Secretary, Australian Haiku Society

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