Red Dragonflies’ Spring Meeting 2019

A small group of the Red Dragonflies met on Saturday 7th September: Vanessa Proctor, Barbara Fisher and Beverley George and newbie me, Wanda Amos down from Old Bar. In the leafy suburb of Pymble, Vanessa’s house was the meeting place and the trees swirled around us on that not so warm Spring day.

Vanessa had set a number of subjects for us to submit a haiku according to dates set aside to celebrate  Dogs, Eating outside, and World Gratitude Day.  Surprisingly the “Eating Outside” appeared to be the most challenging, strange considering we are such an “outdoor living” culture. However Fish and Chips and Barbeques prevailed.

Another exercise used Jane Reichhold’s  Above and Below technique to find haiku with a strong connection between the first and third line ……

(the horse’s head bowed)
straight down

Critiquing two originals from each member rounded off the afternoon, but not before we had indulged in Vanessa’s wonderful Pear Flan.

It was so nice to meet the group and hopefully I will be able attend future meetings.
Wanda Amos


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