Illawong Haiku Group Spring 2019 Ginko

We chose the Joseph Banks Native Plant Reserve at Kareela to hold our 2019 Spring Ginko after our pleasant experience there last Spring and it didn’t disappoint. It was a sparkling blue sky day with the native flora looking its best and exhibiting its adaptability to adjust to climatic changes. Beds of pink and white paper daisies and clumps of kangaroo paws in various colours greeted us at the car park.

Left to right: Ros Pitt, Carol Reynolds & Margaret Mahony

In true old fashioned picnic style, our crowd of three began with a ‘cuppa’ from the thermos and some Baker’s Delight treats at a nearby picnic table suitably sited under the shade of the large eucalypts. To the sound of bird song and the sight of a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets dining on Gymea Lily we caught up on the various activities that have kept us busy since we last met. As the sunlight started to break through the shade we decided to relocate. As always a stroll through the natural environment created a calmness and presence in preparation to work through our recently created haiku. The melodious notes in the background provided by a Butcher Bird added to the ambience.

Our ginko walk took us through areas of rainforest plants including rock orchids, staghorns, birds nest ferns and beside attractive rocky outcrops. We observed new plantings of flannel flowers and one of my favourites, the pink and orange coloured heart leaf flame pea.


By the time we returned to our starting point it was time for lunch but our favourite table was now occupied so we sat on the nearby curved sandstone wall. An over friendly crow which made our acquaintance during morning tea, returned to join us for lunch even attempting to see what Margaret had in her carry bag. We managed to find a volunteer to take a photo of us as our earlier ‘selfie’ was not a good look! We took turns to read our chosen haiku from the haiku ‘jug’ – a lovely little porcelain jug which I picked up in an old wares shop decorated with a Japanese scene. It better fits the genre and is more interesting than the ‘bowl’ used previously.


After lunch it was time to bid farewell until Summer but in the meantime we will enjoy the beautiful season that is Spring.

Report by Carol Reynolds

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