Red Dragonflies’ Christmas Meeting, 2019

On Saturday 7th December, 2019, the Red Dragonflies met at the NSW Art Gallery Café for coffee, a workshop and lunch.

The plan was to then proceed to the Botanic Gardens for a ginko but the smoke haze covering Sydney prevented this, so we remained at the Gallery.

Ten of us were in attendance, Vanessa Proctor hosted and welcomed Barbara Fisher, Dawn Bruce, Leanne Mumford, Willem Tibben, Beverley George, Laurel Astle, Garry Glover, Carol Reynolds and Margaret Mahony.

We had prepared two haiku each one on ‘pears’ as it is Pear Month in the US and one on ‘a Christmas gathering’. There was much discussion and many helpful suggestions along with laughter and good cheer.

As some had to leave early we went straight to ‘haiku in the bowl’ where we each put two haiku sans our name then Vanessa and everyone workshopped together. Many of the haiku were poignant and heartfelt, full of imagery and beauty.

After enjoying lunch and exchanging memories and good wishes for the coming Christmas season we left full of the joy of haiku.

Margaret Mahony  

From left to right: Carol Reynolds, Vanessa Proctor, Leanne Mumford, Willem Tibben, Garry Glover, Laurel Astle, Beverley George, Dawn Bruce, Barbara Fisher, Margaret Mahony

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