Bombora Autumn Virtual Meeting

What a unique but sad time to be writing a report for the Bombora Haiku Group. My husband and I began to self-isolate on March 11th, and my mind began working on ways to lead our group online. I think Covid-19 will show many of us just how resilient and inventive we can be. With advice from the younger generation, I downloaded the app, Zoom, and four of us held a short shaky meeting on Tuesday March 31st . We agreed to weekly catch up meetings each Tuesday thereafter. If all goes well, there will be six or seven of us for the next meeting. Also, we may be able to include Ulla currently in Spain by planning an evening meeting.

As well as a monthly prompt, members will take turns to invent a weekly challenge. I started the ball rolling by asking for a humorous haiku and a tanka, which I’m also teaching. Our newest member, Noela, loves tanka and is often the first to write something and email it to me.

Some other ideas I’ve had for breaking the monotony are:

  1. Write a nature poem on a pebble and leave it somewhere while you are out exercising where someone will find it. It will cheer their day. Improvising is encouraged.
  2. Write 3 to 5 sentences about any subject.
  3. Write a haiku which contributes further insight into your story. (These might be forerunners to haibun.)
  4. Give someone a surprise phone call and praise something about their haiku.
  5. Write a diary entry about living with COVID-19 and complete it with a haiku.
  6. Write a haiku about a favourite song.

Okay, that’s my contribution to poets to prevent boredom. Others may come up with their own. Before I go, thank you Simon for sending out the recent update of the AHS newsletter containing a most encouraging address by Rob Scott. Thank you Rob, I found your words wonderful. God bless and stay safe everyone.

Giddy email or phone 0466 334 643
Dawn on 0419 645 815

All poets at all levels of expertise and experience as well as those who would just like to know more are invited to make contact. You would be very welcome.

Giddy Nielsen-Sweep
(founder) Bombora Haiku Group, Brisbane

Missing you all.

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