Cloudcatchers Autumn Ginko # 57

Thursday April 30, 2020

In view of the social distancing imposed upon us, it had to be different this time. Fourteen Cloudcatchers participated in a virtual ginko, each in our own home and/or immediate environment. The period indicated was between 10 am and noon, with 10 am being the time at which each poet thought of all the other poets taking part, doing the same thing at the same time.

The nature of this ginko meant that we could invite past members, now living at a distance, to take part. We were delighted that our beloved patron, John Bird, joined us in thought, and that three past members participated from Burleigh Heads in Queensland, the Mornington Peninsular in Victoria, and the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.

A Round Robin followed, and poets were advised that they could send up to five haiku from the day, if they wished. These were distributed by email to all participants, with comments welcomed, without any obligation for anyone to get involved.

Forty-six haiku were presented, accompanied by many photos of the areas which had evoked the writing and even a short video depicting the effects of wild wind tossing grasses on the Mornington Peninsular, while we had a fine sunny day in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Although vision dominated the subject matter of the haiku (as it usually does) all five senses were represented.

There was no pressure for anyone to respond to these submissions, but many poets emailed back expressing an appreciation of the haiku, a delight in the images and the portrayal thereof, at times a suggestion for some minor change in wording or structure and their thankfulness for having been a participant in this unusual ginko.

Here are some of the remarks:

  • I imagined everyone sitting around the table with me, and I enjoyed that. It was strange to think of the connections linking us all at that particular moment.
  • That was a new experience! It was thoroughly enjoyable to take time out and just be!
  • I walked to the small park near my house. At 10 am I went through the list of Cloudcatchers, visualizing each one and hoping that my good wishes would blend with theirs. I spent a while getting impressions from this quiet space before walking slowly in the autumn sunshine back to my garden where I again sat and absorbed my surroundings.
  • I enjoyed thinking of you all and picturing how each might be ‘ginkoing’ alone at home!
  • It was lovely imagining everyone in their own surroundings. Nice to be different.
  • [From the Mornington Peninsular] I thought of my ginko friends (precious lot!) and how you would be enjoying a mellow warmish day. I thought of you all both individually and collectively. I have many images of us all together in so many lovely locations.
  • We could have cancelled this ginko because of social isolation, but instead it has been the best one yet. Thank you, Thank you!
  • Love  🙏 💕


Report by Quendryth Young

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