Paperbark Winter Ginko, Zoom Meeting and Email

As we move through winter here in Perth, I’m sure we’re all enjoying each moment, those chilly mornings, the glorious sunny days, the wintry, wild, stormy days, the welcomed rain, leaves tossed around by the winds and watching the seasonal changes around us. A perfect time to be in the moment! Or perhaps we’re already seeing the hints of Spring to come.

Zoom Meeting

The Zoom meeting will be held on Wednesday 5th August at 10 am Perth WST, and will run for approximately one hour. Our special guest, Michael Dylan Welch from the USA will be giving presentations at the Zoom meeting: “Going Nowhere: Learning Haiku from Pico Iyer” and “Forgiveness,” an animated haiku sequence. The meeting will includes a includes discussion and invited audience participation. The Zoom meeting is now being extended to two hours thanks to Michael allowing us to use his Zoom account, so will run from 10 am Perth, WA, WST to 12 noon approximately. Michael has also offered to give pointers to those who are new or newish to Zoom, for up to 15 minutes before the start of the meeting. So, if you’d like some pointers, please arrive up to 15 minutes earlier.

You are invited to share two of the haiku you wrote on your ginko at the Zoom meeting. We are also including an email component of this event.

You need to let me know either by reply email or private message me on our Facebook page so I can send you the details of the Zoom meeting.

Michael is a world-renowned haiku writer and poet, and one of the guest poets at this year’s Poetry Festival. Here is a link to Michael’s website.


You are encouraged to take part in a personal ginko between now and the time of the meeting. We would like you to think of all the other haiku writers who will be doing the same thing as you and enjoy the experience and potential camaraderie ‘at a distance’.


Whether you were at the Zoom meeting or not, we’d also like you to make some notes about your ginko (suggestions: where you were, what was the weather like?, what else did you see?, etc) and send your notes and 2 or 3 of the haiku you wrote by email to: by 8 pm Tuesday night 4th August.

Please include whether you’d like any feedback, and if you are willing for one of your haiku if selected, to be included in the review of the winter event.

Maureen Sexton

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