Cloudcatchers Spring Ginko #59

Victoria Park Reserve, Dalwood via Alstonville, NSW
Thursday 22 October 2020

Victoria Park Reserve is at Dalwood, eight kilometers out of Alstonville on the Far North Coast of NSW. This was the group’s eighth visit to the rainforest remnant, a favourite venue.

There were seven of us. Although we kept our prescribed distance from each other, with no shared nibbles and no hugs, it was a relief to experience the familiar fellowship within the group as a ‘back to normal’ ginko.  

The threatened rain held off, and a gentle drizzle on one occasion enhanced that fresh scent that arose from the forest floor.

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Haiku @ The Oaks, Canberra

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Lucky again with the weather. So thought many other people! The Oaks was abustle with lunchtime trade beneath the trees. Adding to human chatter was that of the birds who seemed more numerous and up-close than ever, one magpie starting an avian squabble after stealing a chip straight from Hazel’s plate!

We were a smaller group this month, Marietta McGregor and Greg Piko being unable to join us–Hazel Hall, Kathy Kituai, Glenys Ferguson and Jan Dobb. 

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Bindii Report: Zoom Meeting in October

On Sunday October 25, 2020, six of us attended another Zoom meeting: Julia Wakefield, Steve Wigg, Maeve Archibald, Stella Damarjati Lynette Arden and Beverley George. This time we attempted a sequence based on the two prompts supplied by Beverley George: SECLUSION and GARDENS. Beverley did not take part in the sequence, but she was happy to contribute her comments.

Some of us found the former topic quite challenging at first, but as we worked on the sequence we found we were able to incorporate quite a few of the garden haiku into what began as a seclusion sequence. We all agreed to share the final sequence online, so here it is:

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Members’ News, October 2020

John Bird recently contacted us with an email addressed to Rob Scott;

Dear Rob

‘I am delighted and honoured to have my name associated with the AHS International Haiku Competition. I am also delighted that you have taken the reins at the Australian Haiku Society – the Society has been blessed with excellent leadership teams which is evidenced in its progress.  I know the AHS will benefit from your leadership and I hope you have lots of fun in the Chair.  

With happy memories of the dreaming days,’

John Bird

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