Members’ News, November 2020

Echidna Tracks

Echidna Tracks: Australian Haiku Issue 6 – on the theme of Shelter begins today. Thank you so much to all who submitted work to the issue. Even if your work was not included this time around, we greatly appreciate the offering and look forward to hearing from you again in April during the submission period for issue 7 on the theme of Light & Colour.

More details can be found here – enjoy.

If you wish to receive a haiku a day to your inbox as each issue unfolds you can become a follower by filling in the details at the bottom of the main page of the Echidna Tracks website.

Editors – Lynette Arden, Lyn Reeves & Simon Hanson

Photo by Simon Hanson

Garry Eaton (1941 – 2020)

The Australian Haiku Society expresses their sadness at the passing of Garry Eaton and extends their condolences to his family and friends. Amongst other things Garry was a fine poet and worked as the Digital Librarian for The Haiku Foundation. In his capacity as librarian he generously managed and archived a number of Australian works and projects. His contributions to the international haiku community are significant to say the least. Anyone who has had anything to do with Garry is likely to have been impressed by his energy and enthusiasm and touched by his warmth.

In Memoriam

Haiga Gallery

Not to be missed- the latest issue of Contemporary Haibun Online is out and showcases a gallery of Haiga by Tasmanian poet Jane Williams. 

Groups and Gatherings

To catch up on the latest from some of our regional groups click on the links below.

Haiku @ The Oaks



My apologies for missing the latest Bindii group’s report in the last Members’ News, so here it is now.

Per Diem

The Haiku Foundation Per Diem for October on the theme of Sky selected by Lyn Reeves is now archived on THF site here.

The November Per Diem on the theme of Horses selected by Jennifer Sutherland will be archived shortly.

Making an impressive collection; all previous Per Diems can be accessed here

John Bird Haiku Dreaming Award

Submissions remain open until March 1st 2021. Guidelines and further details can be found here.


Those of you who are inclined can find the AHS on FaceBook here

Also the Western Australian based paperbark group can be found here


Dates to remember for submissions to Creatrix

  • 10th February for the March issue
  • 10th May for the June issue
  • 10th August for the September issue
  • 10th November for the December issue

Gratitude: The Haiku Hecameron

“One hundred haiku voices from 30+ countries on six continents. One chorus of gratitude” (from the back cover). “This collection could be read as a time capsule from a highly unusual chapter of our very recent past.   . . . But the pieces featured here also serve as a testament to what is timeless: the abiding wonders, large and small, of the greater world we inhabit” (from the Introduction). Gratitude: The Haiku Hecameron edited by Scott Mason can be ordered here.

‘The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.’

Jerzy Kosinski

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