Inaugural San Francisco International Haibun Contest

The deadline for submissions to the inaugural Haiku Poets of Northern California haibun contest is May 1 (US time). The contest is sponsored by Haiku Poets of Northern California.

Please read on for for further details.

Deadline: May 1st, 2021

Entry Fee: $5 for 1-3 haibun

Contest Details

The contest is conducted in a “double-blind” manner, meaning the identities of judges and entrants are withheld until the results are announced.

All entries must be original, unpublished, and not under consideration elsewhere.

The winning haibun will receive a $100 grand prize. At the discretion of the judge/s, an unspecified number of haibun will receive honorable mention awards (no prize money and no ranking).

Haibun with multiple authors will be considered a single entry for each author, and in the case of such a haibun winning the grand prize or honorable mention, the authors will share that prize.

Contest winners will be announced at the summer HPNC meeting, and the full results, including commentary, will be published on the HPNC web site. The grand prize winning haibun will be published in the HPNC journal Mariposa. All rights revert to authors after the contest results are announced.

This contest is open to all except the HPNC president, the contest coordinator, and the judges (who will remain anonymous until after the competition).

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are by email only; however, so as not to exclude anyone wishing to enter, if you are unable to send your entry via email, please contact the coordinator and an accommodation will be made for you.

Send all submissions in a single email to the contest coordinator J Hahn Doleman ( In the subject line, please type: HPNC Haibun Contest 2021, your name, the date. At the top of your email, type: your name, address, phone number, email, and the PayPal transaction ID number for your entry fee (see below).

Type or paste haibun directly into the body of your email; no attachments will be opened. Identify any haibun with multiple authors, and provide names of each.

Please send payment of $5 via PayPal to HPNC ( In the ‘Add a Note’ section, type: 2021 Haibun Contest Entry Fee. Locate the PayPal transaction ID number and include it with your email submission.

J Hahn Doleman
Contest Coordinator

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