Cloudcatchers Autumn Ginko # 61

Thursday 29 April 2021
Virtual ginko
10 am onwards

As a number of our members were experiencing tricky personal situations, our autumn ginko became a ‘virtual’ one. There were ten of us, each maintaining silence in her own home and/or environment on the Far North Coast of NSW, ranging from Murwillumbah in the north to Coffs Harbour in the south, with one member joining us from Avalon in Sydney. Commencing at 10 am, each poet thought of every other participant, and then proceeded to observe and write for at least an hour.

What an incredible bonding the stimulation of haiku images has delivered to us once again, as we savoured the camaraderie of another ginko.

A Round Robin followed, with writers submitting haiku for comment. Many added photographs of the objects or landforms which inspired their writing, taken in areas where they had found themselves during the ginko timeframe. One such photo was taken of Mount Warning by Vivi Royston, from her property near Murwillumbah.

Mount Warning: photo by Vivi Royston

This landmark, formed over 23 million years ago, is known to indigenous folk as Wollumbin, that is, Catcher of Clouds, and gives its name to our group, most of whom live in its caldera. It is actually not a mountain, but a volcanic plug, the surrounding soil having been eroded away. Yes … it catches clouds around its peak.

Report by Quendryth Young

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