Members’ News, July 2021

Photo by Simon Hanson

Spring is coming, creeping through the twigs, silently seeping through the sap…

Ripples of Thought

Something different for your enjoyment— Ron C. Moss and Christopher Herold have collaborated in this YouTube production presenting haiku that they have each written in response to the other’s photographs accompanied by Cypress, music by Morpheus  The result is something special.

Grab a cup of something you like and enjoy here

Groups and Gatherings

Haiku @ The Oaks



Peggy Willis Lyles Haiku Awards for 2021
Selections and comments by Ferris Gilli

First place

tangerine sunset
a small boy gallops
his stick-pony home

Ron C. Moss

Third place

a basket of shells
other tides wetting
other children

Marietta McGregor

All selections and judge’s comments can be found here

European Kukai

First place

a cloudless day
gulls stitch the cliff edge
to the ocean

Julia Wakefield

All entries and placings can be read here

 New Zealand Poetry Society Haiku Competition
Selections and comments by Simon Hanson

Third place

mountain tarn
tadpoles nibble away
the endless sky

Ron C. Moss

Fifth place


Jeffrey Harpeng

Highly commended

‘bare maple’  Gavin Austin


‘city rush’ – Jan Dobb

‘New Year jam -‘   Owen Bullock

‘sunlit jasmine…’  Gavin Austin

The complete versions of Highly Commended and Commended haiku along with editorial selections will be available in the forthcoming 2021 competition anthology edited by Tim Jones. The anthology will become available for orders through the New Zealand Poetry Society website.

Other selections and comments in the adult and junior haiku sections can be accessed here. Please scroll down. (The only haiku that is meant to be displayed as centered in the adult section is the first).


Gene Murtha Memorial Contest

Highly commended

last chemo
a lotus above
the waterline

Cynthia Rowe

vacuuming fruit flies my karmic overload

Madhuri Pillai

she loves me
she loves me not
               shucking oysters

Gregory Piko

All selections and comments can by read here


Dream Tree

A collection of haiku by David Watts
Review comments by Margaret Mahony

Beginning with a dream tree, David Watts’s book of haiku is a joy to read and reread.

I particularly related to…

in my head
the songs he used to sing
my brother’s grave

so personal, so moving.

His sparsity of words in each poem speaks volumes. The imagery leaves me living each line.
The clarity of a dragonfly, the tininess of the ant, every creature described with
wonder. I see the homeless man in my own suburb. Personal reflections of
humankind, observation of seasons, light and colour written with fluidity.
The freeze, the fog, wind, rain and lantern glow, candle flame and the burn of
If you are a lover of haiku, you want this book on your bookshelf.

Margaret Mahony
Fellow haiku poet

Contact the AHS Secretary for ordering details.


Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.
Carl Sandburg



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