Paperbark Spring Ginko, 2021

The Paperbark Spring ginko was held on the morning of November 8th 2021 at the Dome Café in Maylands Western Australia. The event was attended by Rose van Son, Pauline Swift, Candy Gordon, Coral Carter and Barry Sanbrook.

The subject of spring haiku was discussed at some length and several classical Japanese poems were read, haiku by recognised masters such as Hanzan, Etsujin and Kikaku.

The difference between Japanese and Western haiku was explored as a result of these readings and it was generally agreed that Japanese work often contains significant deeper meaning, sometimes philosophical bordering on spiritual. Western poems on the other hand, whilst striving towards the same ends, sometimes lose that spirituality because of their modernity.

The importance of observation to the haiku poet was stressed and the phrase; To look is to see, was discussed in the context of observing the new, subtle changes, the air, texture, colour and what is there or what is not there. Take the time to look up and note what we failed to see before we were urged.

The use of haiku in association with photography was explored and a number of examples of haiga were shown. The use of an app called Phonto was explained and demonstrated. It enables text to be added to a photograph quite simply.

The ginko itself was held in the immediate area of the Dome, the poets spreading out into the streets searching for subject matter for their haiku. Upon their return it was obvious they had taken on board the need for acute observation of the surroundings they had visited. Each of the poets read a sample of the morning’s work and a number are recorded below.

A summer ginko was planned to be held in January 2022 at Kings Park, Perth.

graffiti artist
side-by-side the afterglow
of nasturtium flowers

taking her time
a bee sips new season’s

Rose van Son

underground at the station
cool, dark
is this what it will be like

warm spring day
homeless man
asks for money

Candy Gordon

of never ending

a careless thought           

Barry Sanbrook

red and white traffic lights
black car pollutes

crimson rose shadows
green grass unafraid

beige fence entraps

Pauline Swift

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