Submission Reminders

Echidna Tracks

Submissions to Echidna Tracks: Australian Haiku remains open until the end of April

Issue 9 of Echidna Tracks: Australian Haiku: will focus on the theme of Journeys. These may relate to journeys near and far, within and without. They might pertain to geographical travels, trips abroad, down memory lane or into interesting reaches of mind and imagination. They might be shared or personal, brief or lifelong. Share the sights, sounds and scents… stir our thoughts and feelings, take us somewhere intriguing— move us, because the journey has been, or is, a moving one for you…

Please carefully read the guidelines on the Submissions page and
submit your haiku via the Submissions Form.


Creatrix Haiku

The deadlines for submissions to Creatrix  are as follows:

10th February for the March issue
10th May for the June issue
10th August for the September issue
10th November for the December issue

Further information on submissions to Creatrix can be found here


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