Tuesday 21st June 2022

The saying, ‘timing is everything’, fitted our meeting schedule perfectly as we gathered on Tuesday, 21st June, the date of the Winter Equinox, with five members present. Patricia was unable to join us for health reasons but has assured us she will be back.

We assembled at Carol’s home where we enjoyed morning tea, then drove together to Albert Delardes Reserve just 10 minutes away; a lesser-known spot offering the perfect aspect for our Winter meeting. Warmed by the sun yet protected from any wind, we were able to sit peacefully surrounded by bushland and look out over the sparkling water of the Georges River.  Perfect haiku conditions.

After a short ‘recce’ we sat on the wooden bench seats and took turns to read our responses to the set exercises of writing a Winter haiku and a haiku for a plant or flower that evoked a memory.  Information on Hanakotoba had been circulated prior to provide inspiration.

heirloom camellia
a companion
on life’s journey
                         Ros Pitt

a royal herb
my father’s favourite
                         Rita Potente

holding white tulips
the bride
wore blue
                         Margaret Mahony
winter sunshine
the homeless man and i
share a smile
                          Margaret Mahony

remembrance drive
dormant poplars
will live on
                           Alison Miller

winter photography
no need for
the sepia setting
                         Carol Reynolds

It was so pleasant sitting in the warm sunshine we decided to read further haiku selections before lunch, having referred to Tips for Haiku Reading by Marilyn Shoemaker Hazelton featured on THF website 8/5/2022.

We drove back to Carol’s home where we enjoyed conversation over a shared lunch. Everyone agreed it had been a pleasant alfresco meeting.

Carol Reynolds, Group Coordinator

Carol Reynolds, Margaret Mahony, Ros Pitt, Alison Miller and Rita Potente
Georges River from Albert Delardes Reserve

Author: leanneausthaiku

Secretary, Australian Haiku Society

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