Portarlington September Meeting

While the rain is keeping our gardens and surrounding countryside lovely and green, it is playing havoc with our intentions to meet outdoors for our seasonal face to face catch-up. The Portarlington Golf Club became our venue, and just as well. It poured.

With five apologies, seven of us began by leafing through a number of haiku publications I have acquired over the recent years: journals, anthologies, Lee Gurga’s ‘Haiku: A Poet’s Guide’ and ‘The Haiku Handbook’ by WJ Higginson and Penny Harter.

We discussed the addition of five more haiku to our existing trail through the Pt Richards Wetland, this having been approved by the coastal management organisation and to be installed by them.

We discussed our nature journalling workshop, which two of us will be conducting in October, in the wetlands, where drawing and short form poetry will combine.

We discussed the opening of our nearby old courthouse, now a small museum, to writers of any genre, once a month, as a place to meet, write and gain inspiration .

As mentioned before, we run a monthly ‘kukai’ amongst the twelve of us using the same format as THF. This meeting’s focus was to look at our ‘failed’ haiku (this was said tongue-in-cheek) and discuss why they didn’t make the cut (ie the top three).

The resulting discussion was vibrant, thoughtful and very helpful to all. So, our next task is to submit haiku for workshopping and possible selection in the trail mentioned earlier. If we get a large number we may include the extras in the brochure to accompany the trail. Plenty to do.

Jenny Macaulay (Facilitator)

Group photo Portarlington Haiku Society
Clockwise around the table from front left:
Julie (in black floral top), Annie, Janet, Jenny, Sue, Bev, Leah.

Author: leanneausthaiku

Secretary, Australian Haiku Society

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