Paperbark Haiku Summer Ginko

January 2023

Our summer ginko was held on Wednesday 25th January at Swanbourne beach in Western Australia. It was a typical summer’s day with warm sunny weather and a gentle breeze coming in over the ocean.

We enjoyed a coffee and stimulating conversation at the Shorehouse restaurant while haiku from different sources were read and analysed.

Unfortunately, once again there were very few poets in attendance despite the event being reasonably well advertised. Discussion was held on how to improve numbers at forthcoming events. We have changed the day and location of our ginkos but don’t seem to have come up with a popular format.

Group photo
LtoR: Rose van Son, Coral Carter, Tash Adams, Barry Sanbrook

Those present were:
Rose van Son
Coral Carter
Tash Adams
Maureen Sexton (from her garden)
Barry Sanbrook

The group dispersed for approximately forty-five minutes to write their own haiku. Whilst some ventured onto the sand, others used the promenade overlooking the dunes with its views out to Rottnest for their inspiration. A regular contributor, although unable to attend herself, Maureen created her poetry in her garden and forwarded it to the group.

On reconvening each of the poets described their experience of the beach and read some of the haiku they had come up with. As always, the diversity in subject and mood was amazing. It was the first time I think the group had met on the seashore after several inner city or park locations. The rolling whitecaps and Fremantle Doctor gave the poets plenty of scope for their writing.

Rose Van Sonosprey’s nest
tip of the Norfolk Island pine
in full view
picking up shells—
my childhood self
left behind
Barry Sanbrookhead down
she seeks
a haiku
the beach
in my sandals
high tide
Maureen Sextonpicking tomatoes
a caterpillar
reaches for the sun
summer heat …
the cat spread-eagled
on the tiles
Coral Carterbeachside café
chat and beats
drown the waves
wilderness edge
the horizon
three shades of blue
Tash Adamswriters block
in the toilet
endangered species
our numbers grow
from three to four
Some of the work read after the ginko

Our next ginko for Autumn will be held in approximately three months, with the venue still to be decided.

Author: leanneausthaiku

Secretary, Australian Haiku Society

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