Portarlington Haiku Society

Summer Ginko & Picnic, February 2023

On Saturday 18th February six (and a bit) of us managed to get together for our summer ginko/picnic while our remaining members are away touring various parts of the world.

We dispersed to gather inspiration from the nearby miniature train and the coastal lagoon. We returned to the picnic table to construct and discuss our results, with the view to taking them away to polish up later. We also discussed various haiku collected from different sources over the past weeks and the fine line between haiku and senryu, determining that this can be quite confusing.

Our monthly kukai continues to be well supported and we remain connected twice monthly through our group newsletter, ‘Wingspan’.

Portarlington group photo
Packed up after our feast, from left: Jenny, Julie, Sue, Annie, Bev, Caitlin and a bit.

Author: leanneausthaiku

Secretary, Australian Haiku Society

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