Haiku @ The Oaks, Canberra

Tuesday 12 January 2021

Although summer has started to heat up, a breeze beneath shady trees made for a perfect setting as we gathered at The Oaks to begin another year. All were present — Glenys Ferguson, Marietta McGregor, Kathy Kituai, Hazel Hall, Gregory Piko and Jan Dobb — along with a full attendance of vociferous birds!

Over lunch, Greg produced copies of his recently published book breaking my journey, a joy anticipated by us all. Congratulations and sales came thick and fast, as did some spontaneous haiku readings. A striking cover, designed by Ron Moss, opens to a collection of Greg’s haiku (and variants) in an immediately attractive format — an invitation to enter and muse. Our thanks to Greg for sharing his inspiring work in this way. For more details visit Greg’s website here.

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Members’ News, December 2020

Dear AHS members,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year, filled with the joy of writing haiku. 2020 has been a difficult year which has brought many challenges and much sadness. As I’m sure all of you would agree, reading and writing haiku has provided much needed sustenance in a year full of anxiety and grief. Moreover, the opportunity to reach out to the broader haiku community across Australia and beyond via Zoom was a particular and unexpected pleasure. I sincerely hope this vibrant and communal spirit continues into this year.

It has been a productive year for the AHS as we celebrated our 20th year, and we have more exciting plans for the year ahead, including the announcement of the winner of the inaugural John Bird Dreaming Award for Haiku.

Thank you all for you valuable support for my first year as President and I look forward to continued support and more of your wonderful haiku in 2021.

Happy New Year!
Rob Scott

Haiga Kukai

The AHS Summer Solstice Haiga Kukai has concluded with an excellent response from participants. Contributions are now being considered by the adjudicator Ron Moss. You can revisit the entries here for both the Seasonal and Non-seasonal categories.

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White Pebbles Summer Meeting 2020

Four members of the group were able to meet up at Gosford/ Edogawa Gardens on December 12th: Maire Glacken, Verna Rieschild, Colleen Keating and Beverley George. Armed with excellent completed work sheets sent ahead to us by Marilyn Humbert and Kent Robinson, we settled on the paved deck outside the café for a preliminary coffee, and passed these two sheets around reading the responses to the prompts aloud. We were inspired by them – a valuable and enjoyable start to our meeting.

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Haiku @ The Oaks, Canberra

Tuesday 8 December 2020

What a celebratory time of friendship as we gathered for the final meet-up of the year! And what’s more, we were a full house: Glenys Ferguson, Kathy Kituai, Hazel Hall, Gregory Piko, Marietta McGregor and Jan Dobb.

As we settled beneath the trees to await our lunch orders, there was an explosion of thanks and good wishes. Out of bags appeared spontaneous little gifts and heartfelt cards which were delivered to-and-fro across a laughing table. Naturally, we found many a haiku tucked thoughtfully inside! When activity simmered down a little, we each read aloud the haiku we’d discovered, before clearing spaces for our lunch.

As conversation buzzed, Greg quietly smiled and produced a show-and-tell–a proof copy of breaking my journey his forthcoming haiku collection to be published by Red Moon Press in the new year. Surprise, surprise! Congratulations and questions flowed for some time. How encouraging, too, that despite the severe disruptions of Covid, haiku publication continues to flourish.

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Members’ News, November 2020

Echidna Tracks

Echidna Tracks: Australian Haiku Issue 6 – on the theme of Shelter begins today. Thank you so much to all who submitted work to the issue. Even if your work was not included this time around, we greatly appreciate the offering and look forward to hearing from you again in April during the submission period for issue 7 on the theme of Light & Colour.

More details can be found here – enjoy.

If you wish to receive a haiku a day to your inbox as each issue unfolds you can become a follower by filling in the details at the bottom of the main page of the Echidna Tracks website.

Editors – Lynette Arden, Lyn Reeves & Simon Hanson

Photo by Simon Hanson

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Cloudcatchers Spring Ginko #59

Victoria Park Reserve, Dalwood via Alstonville, NSW
Thursday 22 October 2020

Victoria Park Reserve is at Dalwood, eight kilometers out of Alstonville on the Far North Coast of NSW. This was the group’s eighth visit to the rainforest remnant, a favourite venue.

There were seven of us. Although we kept our prescribed distance from each other, with no shared nibbles and no hugs, it was a relief to experience the familiar fellowship within the group as a ‘back to normal’ ginko.  

The threatened rain held off, and a gentle drizzle on one occasion enhanced that fresh scent that arose from the forest floor.

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