White Pebbles Haiku Group Autumn Meeting Report

March 11th 2023

As soon as we met up for this meeting we knew it was going to be a very special one indeed. The sun was gently shining and all the diverse shades of green in the garden were sparkling. Soon we were off for our ginko and silent jotting.  Smiles across the ponds and along the pathways.

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White Pebbles, Autumn 2022

March 2022

Despite rain making driving difficult for the majority of members who travel long distances, seven of us and a welcome return visitor met up to greet each other cheerfully at Gosford/Edogawa Commemorative Gardens and Regional Gallery on March 19th. How good it was to be together in person.  Present were Marilyn Humbert, Samantha Hyde, Gwen Bitti, Gail Hennessy, Maire Glacken, Colleen Keating and Beverley George, and guest Michael Thorley. Unfortunately Kent Robinson was unable to join us this time and we very much look forward to seeing him in June.

It was an individual choice whether to ginko in the garden or the gallery and before too long we had clustered at the round table in our quiet meeting room. And here we are.

left to right: Michael, Beverley, Colleen, Marilyn, Samantha, Gwen, Gail, Maire

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White Pebbles Summer Meeting

December 2021

What a delight it was to meet up with fellow members for our summer meeting at our regular venue, the Gosford/Edogawa Commemorative Gardens and Regional Gallery. Regrettably, and for understood and respected reasons, several of our members were unable to attend and they were missed. Present were Kent Robinson, Samantha Hyde, Gwen Bitti, Verna Rieschild and Beverley George. A welcome guest was poet Michael Thorley.

L to R:  Michael Thorley, Beverley George, Gwen Bitti,
Samantha Sirimanne Hyde, Kent Robinson

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Windfall: Australian Haiku – update

Windfall: Australian Haiku is a small annual print publication with fine examples of contemporary Australian haiku.

As advised by manager, Peter Macrow when mailing Issue 9, 2021 to subscribers, issue 10 will be the final issue.

Submissions to Windfall: Australian Haiku issue 10, were received during July 2021. All acceptances and non-acceptances were advised by the end of August 2021.

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