August 16, 2009

SA Haiku group members, Lyn Arden, Belinda Broughton, Alex Ask and Marilyn Linn met on 1st August at the SA Writers Centre. Some of the members went out for a ginko in the back alleys or the Botanic Gardens.

After a hour we met again and spent the rest of the meeting looking at each other’s work
and making suggestions for improvements. We find this most valuable, as we learn a lot
from one another during the process.

By Belinda Broughton

6 June 2009 Meeting


Seven members of the SA Haiku Group met from 10 am to 1pm at the SA Writers Centre: Lynette Arden, Belinda Broughton, Dawn Colsey, Martina Taeker, Margaret Fensom, Ali El Bougrini, and Jill Gower.

Apologies were received from Alexander Ask, Alain Rozanès, Elsa Rozanès and Maeve Archibald.

As it was rather a wintry day and members attending had brought haiku they had written since the previous meeting, the group decided to stay in the SA Writers Centre and workshop the haiku. Members in turn wrote haiku on the whiteboard for discussion and suggestions. The meeting ended at around 1 pm.

by Lynette Arden

6 April 2009

Members of The SA Haiku Group held their autumn meeting on 4 April 2009 at the SA Writers’ Centre. This was the first meeting of the group at their indoor location, as previous meetings had taken the ginko format and been held in public parks in Adelaide.

The group decided to take full advantage of the indoor facilities by having a workshop session. Each member in turn wrote a haiku on the whiteboard for comment. The resulting discussion was both interesting and lively. Afterwards, members of the group said they had gained a deeper knowledge of the form, as well as an appreciation of the variety of the work members had presented.

Following the meeting, those who were able to stay had lunch together in the café downstairs.

Lynette Arden

8 November 2008 Ginko

SA Haiku Group: Ginko Report

The SA Haiku Group met on Saturday 8 November 2008 for a ginko, at the Himeji Garden on South Terrace, Adelaide, with nine haiku poets attending on a windswept and showery morning.

The garden, opened in 1985, was built to symbolize bonds of friendship with Himeji, Sister City of Adelaide and to help the people of Adelaide understand Japanese culture. It blends two classic Japanese styles: the ‘senzui ‘(lake and mountain garden) and the ‘kare senzui’ (dry garden) and contains features which are of profound religious significance to the Japanese people.

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October 28, 2008 Ginko

Lynette Arden (on behalf of HaikuOz SA representative, Martina Taeker)


previously published by the Society of Women Writers South Australia Inc.

On Saturday 13 September a group of twelve haiku enthusiasts met at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens for a ginko In a sudden burst of spring warmth, the gardens were at their best. After a short meeting to discuss our plans the group split up, so individuals were free to walk about the gardens or, if they chose, to find a special place to pause and observe the variety of plant life, creatures and humans sharing the gardens on this sunny morning.

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