Report on the first Gadigal Ginko

23rd March 2023

Nine poets gathered at Sydney Park, St Peters, on a warm and sunny Thursday morning for the first ever Gadigal Ginko. Following brief introductions, we dispersed in different directions in search of haiku moments. Sydney park offered us a series of linked ponds, shady groves, open lawns, plenty of bird and insect-life, and even some autumn flowers. There were also many opportunities for dog- and people-watching, as well as plane-spotting. With rain forecast, we were fortunate that the good weather held for the whole time.

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Gadigal Ginko in Sydney

Next ginko: Thursday 23rd March 2023, 10am

The aim of Gadigal Ginko is for haiku poets to meet on an occasional, casual basis, in an outdoor setting that encourages haiku composition. Poets will spend time walking around the location individually, paying attention to their senses, and drafting, or making notes for, haiku. This will be followed by optional group discussion and sharing.

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