Red Dragonflies meeting – 12 December, 2010

The Red Dragonflies met at Pearl Beach on Sunday 12th December for a ginko in the Crommelin Native Arboretum (which will hopefully produce a pamphlet in the new year) followed by lunch at the bayside cafe.

During the course of the afternoon, members workshopped their pre-written haiku and senryu and, as always, found much upon which to ponder and much about which to laugh.

Understandably, the sound of cicadas rang out loudest amongst the Christmas haiku, but the gentler ‘clink’ of threepences in a china bowl produced nostalgia, too, for mothers’ and grandmothers’ plum puddings…

Christmas get-together –
the joy of exchanging

Lesley Walter

The Red Dragonflies (akatombo) Spring Meeting October 9th, 2010

An overcast day did not lessen the conviviality of the ‘red dragonflies’ group when they gathered at the home of the group’s leader, Vanessa Proctor, to share spring haiku.

All members were present.

Poems on the pre-set topics of the energy of spring, gardening, and empty snail shell were workshopped. After lunch, two anonymous haiku per member were drawn from the haiku bowl for general discussion, before the authors admitted ownership.

the day before
The Red Dragonflies
red dragonfly

report by Beverley George

Autumn Meeting of the Red Dragonflies (akatombo)

The autumn meeting of the Red Dragonflies was held on Saturday, 13th March atBarbara Fisher’s home in Mosman. Vanessa Proctor led members Beverley George,Lesley Walter, Cynthia Rowe, Dawn Bruce and Barbara Fisher in a stimulatingseries of haiku exercises. One particularly challenging exercise was to write an autumnhaiku without using the word ‘autumn’, while anonymous contributions to the haikubowl provoked the usual interest and hilarity.

Vanessa also presented everyone with an attractively produced chap-book of haiku selected from work inspired by the group’s ginko at Pearl Beach last December.

Barbara Fisher

The Red Dragonflies Summer Meeting

The Red Dragonflies’ summer (and Christmas) meeting was held on Saturday 12th December at Pearl Beach Cafe, Pearl Beach, where members enjoyed a delicious lunch before workshopping their haiku over coffee. One of the prepared exercises had been to write a haiku about a childhood memory of Christmas. The haiku presented were testimony to the fact that memory can serve equally as well as observation in producing seemingly immediate haiku. Members agreed that, as Australians, it does seem a lot easier to write evocatively about the heat of summer than it does about winter’s cold… Despite the day being a glorious summer one, members were cooled by strong easterly breezes through the cafe’s open windows, which inspired the following ‘moment’:

sea breezes sweep the cafe –
we hold on to our haiku

Lunch was followed by a ginko on the foreshore, from which convenor, Vanessa Proctor, is hoping to produce a booklet. In this way, members will relive what was a most stimulating, enjoyable and, as always, convivial occasion.

Lesley Walter

Red Dragonflies spring meeting

At the spring meeting of the Red Dragonflies on August 22 at Vanessa Proctor’s home, members were led by Vanessa through the rigours of writing a 12 verse Shishan renku. As several members were new to this style of writing, there was some confusion and much hilarity to begin with, but as confidence grew, everyone settled to the task. A very enjoyable meeting.

Spring Meeting of the Red Dragonflies (akatombo)

The spring meeting of the Red Dragonflies was held on 13th September at Lesley Walter’s home in Summer Hill. Vanessa Proctor led members, Beverley George, Barbara Fisher, Lesley Walter and Cynthia Rowe in a productive afternoon. Dawn Bruce sent her apologies.

Special guest Katherine Samuelowicz, editor of paper wasp and respected haijin, inspired with her talk about time and the sense of place in poetry.

Beverley George briefly outlined the progress of organising Wind over Water, the fourth Haiku Pacific Rim Conference, due to take place 22-25 September 2009 on the NSW Central Coast.

by Cynthia Rowe