Tasmania- two ginkos and an exhibition

Mountain Festival

A Report from Tasmania by Ron Moss

The Mountain Festival was a great success with many excellent events and enthusiastic participants. Ross Coward and Ron Moss once again ran the haiku gingko walks over successive Saturdays and many people enjoyed the silent walking with occasional haiku and beautiful flute playing by our friend, Satyamo. We shared green tea together at our destination ‘Lone Hut’, on the slopes of Mount Wellington.

We did not know what weather to have so we ordered it all ! Rain, hail and snow added to the beautiful ambiance of the experience. Ross and I read work by our favourite poets from our notebooks and also our own spontaneous haiku inspired by the day. We received very good feedback and were thanked by the walkers for a wonderful and almost spiritual experience.

Another event was a lunch time talk at the State Library with a presentation by Martin Hawes and Ron Moss’s “Imperfections”, a collaboration of wilderness photography and haiku. This presentation used the original photographs and the haiku was spoken by Martin and Ron. The audience seemed mesmerised by the images and words.

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