Haiku Competition Results: FreeXpresSion 2008

2008 is the first year that the writing magazine, FreeXpresSion, now fifteen years old, has included a Haiku Section in its annual competition. Nathalie Buckland judged the entries anonymously.

The winner was Dawn Bruce,

the last page
of a loved book …
autumn rain

Dawn Bruce NSW

Highly Commended awards were made to:

the crane blends
with the river

Gavin Austin NSW

about the new year …
dappled sunshine

Dawn Bruce NSW
fire-dead forest
among bleached branches
a flame robin

Janet Howie VIC

shooting star
on the fencepost
a sooty owl

Leonie Bingham NSW

Commended awards were made to:

evening light –
flowers in cellophane
on the kerbside

Dawn Bruce NSW

scuffed boots
old snow gathers dust
in the gutter

Jodie Hawthorne TAS

dip their shadows –
hot afternoon

Dawn Bruce NSW

chilling waves –
in tidal pools
blue ringed octopus

Barbara Apa NSW

FreeXpresSion is published monthly, and haiku submissions may be made (five at a time) to the Haiku Editor, Quendryth Young: quendrythyoung@bigpond.com.

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