Cloudcatchers Summer Ginko No.12

Cloudcatchers (the haiku group on the Far North Coast of NSW) is three years old. On 5 December 2005, thirteen poets assembled at Torakina Park, Brunswick Heads, where the river meets the sea. Last Friday, 12 December 2008, fifteen enthusiasts gathered at the same place for the summer ginko. Nathalie Buckland presented our usual introduction, “I wish to acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, and ask you to think of all of our ancestors, remembering other feet that have trodden this ground before us.”

After some chatter, then a long silent walk in the evocative surroundings, we wrote together. Haiku were shared in turn around one large picnic table. These first drafts were appreciated for their insight and their flair. “I saw that – but you have captured it!” “Perfect!” “Oh, I wish I had written that!”

Participants were invited to join an email Round Robin, commenting on haiku drafted on the day, and re-worked at home. Submissions have been circulated, and currently comments are returning for a composite email workshopping of this summer ginko.

We await our autumn ginko with high anticipation.
Quendryth Young
15 December 2008

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