WHAT IS HAIKU? – Week 15

Timothy Russell (mile 61 on the Ohio River, Toronto, Ohio, USA)

“Haiku is a single molecule of poetry.”————————————-John Swabey (Teneriffe, Qld)
’This moment / sliced / by these words’————————————-

Vasile Moldovan (Romania)
“A Haiku Poem is heavy water and perfume essence in the same time; a
pearl appearing from pain and hope; the moment that passes in no time
and that you meet a few while in life; hurry up, don’t lose it!”


Ynes Sanz (Brisbane, Qld)
“haiku is ‘aha’ / even from / afar “


Sharon Dean (Alstonville, NSW) likes Roland Barthes’ assertion that a haiku is:
“not a rich thought reduced to a brief form, but a brief event which immediately finds its proper form”.

The response to this exercise has been wonderful but it is time to wind it up – no more submissions, please. I will later attempt a collage to summarise what we have shared. John Bird, for the AHS Definitions Project.

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