5 October 2009

Meeting of SA Haiku Group

The SA Haiku Group met at the SA Writers Centre on Saturday 5 October 2009. One of our first decisions was to adopt a Haiku Name for the group. This had been the subject of extended debate over several months. The name Bindii has been chosen. We have also decided to refer to ourselves principally as Bindii, but add SA Japanese Poetry Forms Group where more explanation is required.

Eight members attended the meeting. The two members attending the Wind over Water conference (Lynette Arden and Maeve Archibald) shared some of their experiences and we have made a copy of the Wind over Water Anthology available for borrowing by members of the group. Other books purchased at the conference will be available at meetings for members to peruse.

Following our practice in previous meetings, we workshopped individual haiku by members, using a whiteboard. Members find this format of working particularly useful.

As we are a relatively new group, we are considering new ways to organize our meetings to suit members and extend skills. It is planned to hold a kukai next meeting based on the model shown in The Haiku Apprentice.

An enjoyable meeting finished at around 1 pm. It is amazing how quickly the time passes when one is absorbed in the intricacies of haiku.

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