5 December, 2009

Report to HaikuOz of the Bindii Haiku Group meeting 5 December 2009-11-07

Present: Lyn Arden, Maeve Archibald, Margaret Fensom, Marilyn Linn, Dawn
Colsey, Alex Ask, Athena Zaknic.
Apologies: Belinda Broughton

We met from 10 am to 1pm in SA Writers Centre.

The members present had previously decided to attempt writing a renku during
the meeting and opted to try a 12 verse renku as our first attempt at the
form. None of us had tried writing a renku before this, so we followed a
pattern of a 12 verse renku downloaded from the Internet.

We worked successively at each verse, first writing individually and then

putting them on the whiteboard for a general consensus by the group as to
which might make the most appropriate new verse. We found there was a fairly
even spread of work selected among members. This method of working was a
challenge for all of us and many interesting haiku came from the work,
including a number that we were not able to use in the renku.

One of our members, Belinda Broughton, will present a tanka workshop at our
next meeting, which will be held in the Box Factory, Regent St South,
Adelaide on Sat 6 February.

Lynette Arden

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