Bindii 2 April 2011

Report on BINDII MEETING 2 April 2011

Present: Maeve Archibald, Lesley Charlesworth, Veronica Shanks, Athena Zaknic, Lyn Arden, Belinda Broughton, Helen Pryor, Jill Gower, Judith Ahmed, Margaret Rawlinson.

Apologies: Margaret Fensom, Rosemary Davidson, Rachael Mead, Marilyn Linn.

General Business:
The Bindii reading at the State Library of South Australia on Wed 16th March, organized by Friendly St poets, was received very well by the large audience who attended. There were six performers from the Bindii group, representing the work of 16 Bindii poets.

Gong and drum music accompanied the readings and Athena Zaknic sang some of her work and that of Judith Ahmed. We were fortunate to have a Japanese reader for historic Japanese tanka from the Heian period, Mr Ikeda, who also read his own tanka. Translations of the Japanese tanka into English were also read.

7 May meeting: Alex Ask has agreed to run the meeting. Format to be advised.
4 June meeting: Lyn Arden will run a workshop on writing Renku, the collaborative form(s) of Japanese poetry that has seen a resurgence in the Western World in recent years.
2 July meeting: A workshop on senryu is being considered.
Bindii anthology: we are in the process of collecting work from Bindii members for an anthology. Closing date for submissions will be 6 August 2011.
Haibun Workshop: At today’s meeting Maeve Archibald presented the third of her informative and stimulating workshops on writing haibun. The series appears to have been very successful in meeting its aims, as those who undertook the workshops have produced a number of well written haibun. Maeve will make a separate report on her workshops.

The meeting finished at 1 pm.

Lynette Arden

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