Bindii 3 September 2011


Present: Lyn Arden, Marilyn Linn, Alex Ask, Lee Bentley, Athena Zaknic, Belinda Broughton, Pam Brow, Margaret Rawlinson Maeve Archibald, Dawn Colsey.

Apologies: Margaret Fensom.

General Business: Haiku Bindii blog will be posting weekly challenges and a Showcase
selected by members each month. The first Showcase was selected by members.

Anthology: Our anthology is now in preparation. Orders are being taken. If you haven’t yet placed an order at $5 per copy please email Lyn to place your order.

Meeting: Alex Ask ran a workshop Talking about Tanka. Members also workshopped their tanka. Thanks to Alex for an excellent presentation and to members for a good discussion.


22 September: Beverley George will be meeting a group of members at the SA Art Gallery Café at 2 pm. If you would like to come and have not given your name please email Lyn, who will be booking a table. So far these people are coming: Lyn, Maeve, Belinda, Athena, Alex, Lee.

1 October: will be a ginko in Veale Gardens. Further details of the meeting spot will be emailed. If rain is forecast for the day, we will meet at the Box Factory.

5 November: Alex Ask will run a workshop on senryu/haiku. It is envisaged that members will bring in material (both haiku/senryu and any critical discussion material) so we can investigate and discuss ‘what is haiku’, ‘what is senryu’. This should be a good discussion session.

3 December: A booking has been made for our book launch at the Box Factory at 3 pm. So we should invite guests at 3.30 to start at 4 pm.

Minutes taken by Lynette Arden
5 Sept 2011

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