Memorial Page for Janice M. Bostok

This news really shakes me up. I am so sad to hear this. For me, Janice occupied a very special place. –Michael McClintock

She was a fine poet who gave much to the haiku community in Australia–and around the world. The haiku community will miss her. Rest in peace, Jan. –Penny Harter

Her poems were threaded with empathy, a sense of discovery, insight and joy. She was an enriching spirit, and we shall greatly miss her. –Katherine Gallagher

The haiku community has lost one of its own. – Norma Watts, Cloudcatchers

She leaves us with a wealth of poetry. Thank you, Janice. – Carole MacRury

Janice gave me a great teaching and belief in myself. – Richard Rowland

What a legacy she has left us. – Jo Tregellis

She will be sorely missed. – Leigh Rees

spring morning …
the wonga pigeon
limp in my hands

Nathalie Buckland

spring morning
a case moth has burst
from the silk

Jo McInerney

illuminating the dark clouds tonight’s moon

Sandra Simpson

wakened by the breeze
a thousand paper cranes
follow their leader

Greg Piko

power failure
through the blackness
a waft of pot pourri

Karen Peterson Butterworth

late summer night-
another lamp extinguished
another voice stilled

Adelaide B. Shaw

in the shadow’s coolness the Never-Never

Martin Cohen

twinkling stars –
another poet passes
to haiku harmony

Carmel Lively Westerman, USA

Springs and friends –
less here more beyond
to wait for me

Eduard Tara, Romania

Janice, Janice
my sorrowing heart in need
of plum blossom

Alan Summers

through winter dry grass
the endless faint rustling
of all your words

Margaret L Grace

engraved on pathway rock
her haiku keeps me there
long after leaving

Nuri Rosegg, Norway

the lighthouse beacon
pierces the fog

Carole MacRury, USA

in the haiku garden
another leaf fell
its imprints scattered
and left for those
who pass this way

Victor P. Gendrano

the bare windows of my unit seem colder this morning

Pauline Cumming

the river
dark enough now
to show the moon

Matt Hetherington

hazy moon —
a fluttering moth
finds the light

rob scott

soft footsteps:
cricket song

Robert Henry Poulin

a release
of fluttering moths
evening star

Quendryth Young


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