Bindii Ginko at Veale Gardens 1 October 2011


We met at Veale Gardens on South Terrace at the Wisteria Arbour at 11 am. The weather had been showery for a few days, but we were fortunate on the day of the ginko to have fine weather, with only a slight sprinkle of rain just as we were finishing lunch.

Present: Lyn Arden, Margaret Fensom, Lee Bentley, Athena Zaknic, Margaret Rawlinson Maeve Archibald, Pam DiLorenzo.
Apologies: Pam Brow, Belinda Broughton, Lesley Charlesworth, Alex Ask, Marilyn Linn.

The group split up around 11:15 so individuals could walk or sit on a convenient seat to observe the activity in the flourishing spring garden, full of water features, green grass and shrubs. Leaves were beginning to appear on the deciduous trees, together with the first roses in the sunken rose garden. Birds fascinated us everywhere, from the friendly ducks and ducklings, some little ones so small they were mere balls of fluff, to the noisy crowd of lorikeets and noisy miners that looked like flowers on the bare branches of trees.

At noon we gathered together again to eat lunch and share some of our haiku at a garden table in the sunshine. Members also selected what poems they would like displayed in our September Haiku Bindii showcase.

On 22nd September Beverley George met with seven Bindii members at the SA Museum café for a most enjoyable afternoon tea and conversation. She very generously brought a book for each member who attended.


5 November: Alex Ask will run a workshop on senryu/haiku. It is envisaged that members will bring in material (both haiku/senryu and any critical discussion material) so we can investigate and discuss ‘what is haiku’, ‘what is senryu’. This should be a good discussion session.

3 December: A booking has been made for our book launch at the Box Factory from 3 pm to 8 pm to give us plenty of time to set up and clear up. Guests will be invited for 4 pm and I am hoping to get a launch speaker to speak at 4.30 pm.

10 December Box Factory Market and readings: Maeve Archibald and Lyn Arden can staff our stall in the morning and read. We have only one other reader organized, (Margaret Fensom), so can do with a few more, if anyone cares to volunteer. I have requested a 20 minutes slot for reading, as we have been offered the first performance time. The reading time will be around 10.30 or 10.45 am. To be confirmed by the Box Factory. We are also hoping to organize some musical accompaniment between our readings. (gongs, guitar?)

There was also some discussion of the launch and the items we will need to bring. The meeting finished sometime after 1 pm, when there was a slight shower of rain.

Report by Lynette Arden
3 October 2011

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