Bindii 3 February 2013

Meeting of Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group February 2013

In our new format for 2013 we are running three hour workshops. The first of these was a workshop on tanka given by Lynette Arden.

Tanka Workshop
The workshop covered the following topics:
1. The origin of Japanese written language and its close ties with written Chinese.
2. The influence of Tang Dynasty China on Japanese culture and a look at the lifestyle of the most famous period of Japanese literature, the Heian.
3. Poetic styles used by Japanese poets in writing tanka, including poetic devices. This included a look at Japanese tanka in the original hiragana, Romaji and English translation and a comparison of various English translations.

 4. English language tanka with a look at various styles of writing tanka

5. Writing tanka in English (workshop exercises) and sharing tanka brought by members.
Lee Bentley is continuing to organize email workshops for members of Bindii who wish to get feedback on their writing.
Sunday 24 March 2.30 – 3.30 Event at Burnside Library Eucalypt editor Beverley George and poet Mariko Kitakubo from Japan will be performing their tanka. The event will also feature Munetaka Umehara on Japanese flute and around 15 minutes of readings from members of Bindii.
The next meeting of Bindii
Haiku Workshop 4 May from12.00 noon to 3 pm at the Box Factory

Haiku workshop organized by Lee Bentley and Lyn Arden. Participation by group members and new participants who wish to learn how to write haiku.
We are hoping any participants from outside the group will have one on one help from group members, so that they will get enough feedback to write an acceptable haiku (in the haiku format) at the end of the meeting.

Lynette Arden
3 February 2013

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