paper wasp – 20th anniversary 2014

paper wasp: a journal of haiku is celebrating its 20th birthday in 2014, making it the longest running Australian journal dedicated to haiku and its related forms still in print. The journal was founded in 1994 by John Knight, Ross Clark and Jacqui Murray who established the Paper Wasp Group in 1988. The paper wasp team was strengthened in 1995 by the legendary Janice M Bostok and again in 2000 when Katherine Samuelowicz made her debut as an editor.

This very special year will be marked by four unique 2014 paper wasp editions. Two of those special editions will take both paper wasp and haiku in new directions. For that reason, the upcoming deadline for the final 2013 issue of paper wasp will be the last for broad-spectrum submissions until November 2014 (for 2015 editions).

Poets, will, however, be given plenty of opportunities to spread their wings in 2014. Details will be released later.

Throughout its 20 years, paper wasp has been supported by haiku poets and subscribers in Australia and around the world. In fact, the bulk of paper wasp subscribers are located overseas – placing the Australian paper wasp amongst the world’s acknowledged haiku publications. Moreover, in an era which has seen increasing delivery of haiku on-line, this support has never wavered. Recently it has actually increased – giving editors the luxury of a large number of submissions from which to select representative haiku.

paper wasp is grateful for that support and so is sharing the presents during its birthday year. paper wasp subscription prices have never changed. To celebrate our 20th anniversary, paper wasp annual subscriptions will remain at 1994 prices throughout 2014 ($20 or $US26 overseas for four issues) and for as many annual subscriptions, in advance, as subscribers want to take out.

Jacqui Murray & Katherine Samuelowicz

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