Results of the Kokako Haiku & Senryu Competition, 2013

The results of the Kokako Haiku Competition, as judged by Barbara Strang, are shown below. Congratulations to Elaine Riddell, Chen-ou Liu and Cynthia Rowe on their success. The results and judge’s report will be published in Kokako 20.


towering cumulus
a pukeko shakes out
its tail feathers

Elaine Riddell (NZ)


im-mi-grant . . .
the way English tastes
on my tongue

Chen-ou Liu (CAN)


a backlit cloud behind
the soup van

Cynthia Rowe (AUS)

Highly Commended

high-rise hotel
I unpack the smell
of my basement

Ernest Berry (NZ)

winter’s day
fold after fold
of origami

Dawn Bruce (AUS)

alone this evening . . .
the brightly lit windows
of a passing train

Dawn Bruce (AUS)


after many years
he proposes
the cheetah’s fixed stare

Eric Dodson (NZ)

avoiding the bumps mascara in progress

Owen Bullock (NZ)

low light
leaves tumble
under a rumbling sky

Andre Surridge (NZ)

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