Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival – 2014 Haiku Invitational

Hearty congratulations to Helen Davison for having achieved the highest distinction in her category – Best International Haiku in the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival – 2014 Haiku Invitational, with her haiku

bridge crossing . . .
the full moon sprinkled with
cherry blossoms

Judge’s comment:

Many haiku have been written about a variety of different objects floating on the moon’s reflection on the water. This one, however, has an interesting twist. When one thinks of cherry blossoms, the most obvious images that come to mind are in colour. By placing this haiku at night, we are forced to view the image as a black-and-white photograph. In so doing, what would otherwise have been an ordinary haiku about petals on the water becomes an entirely different and far more interesting haiku.

Sakura Awards and Honourable Mentions include:

temple blossoms
the distance between
your god and mine

David Terelinck

she loves me
she loves me not . . .
the blossoms fall

John Carroll

morning dew
following me back inside
the cat and cherry petals

Mark Miller

evening star
a bouquet of cherry blossom
on my front porch

Cynthia Rowe

walking meditation . . .
my mother stops
at the cherry blossoms

Samantha Sirimanne Hyde

cherry blossoms falling
with them

Quendryth Young

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