Red Dragonflies Summer Meeting and Ginko December 12th, 2014

The large beach-side studio of artists Jocelyn Maugham and Robin Norling at Patonga was the inspiring meeting-place for the Red Dragonflies in summer 2014. We were free not only to wander the galleries admiring the diversity of artwork, making notes, but also to climb the stairs to the giant studio, sidestepping buckets of paint and drip cloths, brushes soaking, easels and stools; a chaise longue for

A walk round the tiny fishing village offered further pleasure and Lesley was inspired by the little school-house, now available for short term rental, to propose we held a writing workshop there, with overnight stay.

Then it was off to the Pearl Beach café for an enjoyable lunch, and time to share our exercises. A memorable day.

Present: Lesley Walter, Barbara Fisher, Vanessa Proctor, Beverley George

Beverley George

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