Cloudcatchers Ginko No.36

Ginko No.36 (summer)

Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head NSW
Thursday 29 January 2015

Cloudcatchers gathered at Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head, for a summer ginko on Thursday 29 January. This venue is north of Ballina, with the surf on one side of the road, and the tea-tree-girdled fresh water lake on the other.

One of our members had researched further into the history, so we learnt of the original ownership of this land as that of the Jali people of the Bundjalung Nation, and somehow this added to our respect for all those who have trodden these sands and marvelled over the centuries at the spiritual sanctity of this place, with its special regard to ‘women’s business’.

Joining us was our member, founder and patron, John Bird, who contributed with his usual humour and a great deal of wisdom. We lunched afterwards at the local Japanese restaurant, where most of us had miso soup and chose from a large variety of sushi. After cold wet conditions the previous day, the weather was perfect, our spirits were high, and each participant came away with about a dozen worthy haiku. Now for the round robin … time-consuming, but we love it. Looking forward to the autumn ginko after Easter, after school goes back, on Thursday 23 April.

Quendryth Young

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