NZPS 2015 International Poetry Competition Results

Results for the New Zealand Poetry Society’s 2015 International Poetry Competition saw Vanessa Proctor of Australia gain fourth prize in the Haiku Section, while entries from Jan Dobb, Cynthia Rowe and Greg Piko also received recognition from judge Elaine Riddell.

Vanessa’s prize-winning one-liner reads as follows:

abandoned lighthouse a smudge of shearwaters

The complete text for other prize-winning poems – along with comments by the judge – can be read by accessing this link, and then by clicking on Elaine Riddell’s name in blue:

While their work was not given in full on the NZPS website, other Australian haiku poets deserving of congratulations include:

Highly Commended –

Jan Dobb:

the sky fills with

and Cynthia Rowe:

cattle herd moving forward one mouthful at a time

Commended –

Greg Piko:

a few things
worth keeping –
quince jelly jars

I contemplate
my next step

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