Australian poets featured in Shamrock No. 33

Australian poet Simon Hanson has had one of his poems voted as the best haiku for the year in the Shamrock Haiku Journal Readers’ Choice Awards 2015, as just published online in Shamrock No. 33 –

window ice
the garden thaws
in sparkles

– Simon Hanson

Full details about the 2015 Shamrock Readers’ Choice Awards can be accessed through the Shamrock website:

The work of a range of other Australian haiku poets has likewise been recognised in Shamrock No. 33, especially within the IHS International Haiku Competition Results 2015, as found below, but also through this link:

Presented in alphabetical order, the following poems by Australian haiku poets gained Honourable Mentions in last year’s Irish Haiku Society haiku contest, as recently published in Shamrock Haiku Journal No. 33:

a cowrie’s mantle

– Marietta McGregor

empty ocean
the shearwater’s belly
catches the sun

– Greg Piko

winter’s afternoon
a golden pheasant weaves
through bamboo

– Cynthia Rowe

sunset valley
a line of merinos
melds into the gold

– Barbara A. Taylor

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