Australians featured in THF’s “re: Virals 34”

Congratulations to Simon Hanson for being named as the latest weekly winner in the “re: Virals” segment on The Haiku Foundation website.

Yet commentaries by two other Australian-based writers – Janet Marsh and Cynthia Rowe – were also posted in response to the haiku given below, along with a further comment from Canadian Garry Eaton.
Written by Rodney Williams, this poem was selected by fellow Victorian Jo McInerney, after she had been named the previous winner in “re: Virals 33”:

glimpse of dolphin
beyond the river mouth …
friends a youth ago
– Rodney Williams
As the latest winner of “re: Virals”, Simon Hanson has selected a bi-lingual haiku from Ireland for comment by THF readers, with responses encouraged through The Haiku Foundation website: 


thíos anseo
canaid don doircheacht
na míolta móra

down below
singing to the darkness,
great whales

— Buachallán Buí (Ireland; translated from the Irish by the author and Anatoly Kudryavitsky), Shamrock 25 (2013)

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